Model flight veterans of the AeCS in the SMV

LogoVeteranenMittelThe Veterans Model Aviation Community was founded before 1973 in the Verkehrshaus Lucerne with the  intention to provide special opportunities for long-time model pilots in the AeCS to get together. Be it flying or in the context of other occasions.

Today, the model aviation veterans count about 400 members.

Administratively, the community is assigned to the Regional Model Aviation Association of Central Switzerland.

The two key events are the annual Veterans Fly-In and the Veterans Reunion. Dates see Calendar of SMV events.

For some years now, the veterans have also been taking care of the model aviation exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

Since November 1992, we model flyers have had our own exhibition at the Museum of Transport Lucerne (VHS), the Model Aviation Museum in the Aviation Hall. Many years Werner Kölliker (Kö), as initiator and with the help of numerous model aviation friends, worked on the construction of the exhibition. The management of the SMT, as well as the secretariat of the AeCS, have supported the whole development significantly. Even today, the former vice-director of the SMT, Henry Wydler, is still actively supporting us.

A big thank you to all the model airplane friends and sponsors who have since then helped so numerously and voluntarily in the construction and maintenance of the exhibition.

In the last 20 years, the donations and loans to the Museum of Model Aeronautics have fortunately increased and are now over 100 objects worthy of collection. This number will increase in the coming years and the administration costs will continue to rise. The administration, storage and inventory will therefore increasingly take up time and financial resources.

The Veterans Association of the Swiss Model Aviation Association (SMV) has made it its duty and task to work for the preservation and further expansion of the museum. Future generations will thank us if we can pass on to them the fascinating history of development and the pioneering times of model flying.

For this reason, the Model Aviation Veterans, together with the SMV, the AeCS and the VHS are in the process of working out a joint agreement to bear the future operating costs.

At the Veterans Meeting (GV) in Lucerne on Saturday, October 21, 2017, the proposal for a 20.- franc annual contribution in favor of the Veterans Fund was approved by a large majority. The veterans registered according to the membership list at the SMV will thus find this contribution on the annual statement of the AeCS.


This collection will then be credited to our veterans account by the AeCS and used for the future expenses of the Model Aviation Museum, as well as other activities to promote camaraderie (veteran flying and meetings) among the veterans.

How do I become a member of the MG Veterans?

Anyone who has been a member of the AeCS/SMV for more than 25 years and currently belongs to one of its model flying clubs can register as a model flying veteran.

The application can be made on the occasion of the mailing of the veteran's badge by the Aero Club of Switzerland in the year of the 25-year membership in the AeCS and SMV. Eligible persons who have not received a veteran's badge should contact the AeCS Central Secretariat in Lucerne for verification at the membership administration (041 375 01 15) or by e-mail at

Presidium of the Model Aviation Veterans and Committee Model Aviation Museum at the Swiss Museum of Transport