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S8 mitteRocket model flying is flying with self-designed built models with solid fuel engines based on composite or black powder. This very interesting pastime is divided into two basic areas, high-power and competition according to FAI. FAKO Space deals with the sporting part. The sport can be practiced in 12 different categories, 11 of them are unpiloted, free flying categories like high altitude, parachute, glider, helicopter, flutter band and sacle models. Unfortunately, we are very limited in Switzerland by the landscape cultures in the execution. That's why a small but fine group of model pilots is especially engaged in the category S8E rocket gliders. Since these models are remote controlled and are launched almost vertically, the fast-paced hobby can be flown even on very small launch sites.

International camaraderie is cultivated through regular participation in World Cup competitions, European and World Championships, at which the free flight categories are then also operated. International events

The aim of FAKO Space is to promote the S8E rocket glider category in Switzerland and to provide its experts with competent advice and active assistance..



Competition does not have to be to run the model rocket hobby. For all those who are interested in small to the largest, simple to very sophisticated models, we have in Switzerland the group ARGOS.   Here you get active support as a beginner from proven experts. ARGOS