F4 Scale

Reto Senn

Model making is fascinating not only because of the challenges of skillfully guiding a model through the air. The joy of flying with a prototypical model is the fascination and motivation for many modelers to create true-to-the-original models with some construction effort.

The wide range of semi-scale models is reflected on the model airfields, where all types of true-to-the-original model airplanes can be found.

For scale competitions, models are built that match the original down to the smallest detail. The model builders spare no effort to design, build and reproduce a model down to the last screw in several thousand working hours on the basis of the available documents.

Just as great is the challenge of flying these elaborate models at model flying events and competitions precisely and true to the original. The concern of the FAKO F4 SCALE is to promote the building and operation of true-to-the-original model airplanes on a competition basis. For this purpose, the FAKO F4 has a specially trained group of scale judges and maintains the national regulations, which include the respective international regulations..


F4C Scale

Official Scale Category of the FAI

F4 - Heli Scale

  • Heli Scale: Class for scale helicopters
  • Heli Semi-Scale

Jet Scale

Jet Scale: Class for Jet Models (International Jet Model Committee IJMC)
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