F2 Control Line

Logo FAKO F2Tethered flying is the flying of mainly self-built and always self-controlled crude F2 model airplanesRohbau F2. In circular flight, guided by 20 m long steel cables and driven by combustion or electric motors, the simply but ingeniously designed flying machines are controlled by fine hand movements. Well-flying tethered models are sophisticated constructions and their construction is always an exciting challenge. Each step needs to be well thought out, properly prepared and executed as perfectly as possible. Precise, demanding and with a lot of self-discipline. And for that very reason instructive and very satisfying. Our aircraft are designed to fly complex maneuvers with the smallest of rudder movements. However, this also means that they have to be controlled constantly and the pilot has to be very focused on the task at hand. Even if such a flight only lasts a few minutes, it is quite demanding and always a small journey into another world. At the same time, it is difficult enough to always remain a challenge. That's exactly why tethered flying is a lot of fun, often for a lifetime.

The aim of the FAKO F2 Fesselflug is to promote our beautiful sport in Switzerland and to support the fetish pilots with competent advice and active help..

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Tethered flying can be practiced on almost any sports field, of course only with the permission of the field owner and at a reasonable distance from residents. Also in this case, the F2 commission can gladly help in an advisory capacity.


There are two fixed tethered flight facilities with hard-surface runways in Switzerland:

  • Hard 2000, near Siggenthal station (Brugg): René Berger, Tel. 056 222 12 55. GPS 47°30'57" N 8°14'16" E
  • Swallow's Nest, in the area of Breitenbach/SO:  MG Breitenbach GPS: 47°22'53" N  7°52'51"E

Aktuelles about the tethered flight scene can be found in the event calendar and on: www.fesselflug.ch