Insurance and model flying

Modellflug Versicherung

For model flight operations with models weighing 500g or more, the provisions of the „Ordinance on Aircraft of Special Categories ( VL ).

These clearly stipulate:

  • „The liability claims of third parties on earth shall be secured by the keeper or the holder by a liability insurance with a guarantee sum of at least 1 million Swiss francs". (VLK Art 20/Ziff. 1)
  • „The liability insurance certificate must be carried during operation." ( VLK Art 20/Ziff. 3 )

Some private liability insurance policies include this coverage, others do not. It is practically impossible for a club board to ensure that every club member has sufficient private insurance for the risk of model flight up to 30 kg.

The insurance package of the SMV insures each member registered with the SMV in the area of liability arising from the operation of a model aircraft far beyond the minimum amount required by law. This coverage is supplementary to any private liability insurance that may exist, but is not mandatory or may not provide sufficient coverage (principle of subsidiarity).

General information about the SMV insurance package

The insurance package of the SMV insures all members and the clubs/associations as well as their bodies in the areas of

  • Liability in connection with flight operations, exhibitions and events
  • Legal expenses in connection with flight operations

Your insurance package

Consulting team liability insurance

Procedure for legal cases to cover costs by CAP legal protection insurance or by SMV. 

Insurance partner model flight insurance

For liability, insurance of
Model aircraft and exhibitions: Allianz Suisse
Allianz Suisse  Generalagentur Fred Schneider
Allianz Suisse Generalagentur
Thun - Berner Oberland
Länggasse 2A
CH-3601 Thun

Contact person:
Marc Herzig 

Mobile  +41 (0) 78 808 95 95
Büro    +41 (0) 58 357 17 17


For legal protectin in the field of model flying:

CAP Rechtschutz

CAP Rechtsschutz

Neue Winterthurerstrasse 88
CH-8304 Wallisellen

Contact person:
Valentina Cicco
Diana Pasquariello Schmid

+41 (0) 58 358 09 09