mfs - modelflying magazine

The magazine "modellflugsport" is the official, printed publication of the Swiss model flight association SMV. The members of the SMV receive the magazine "modellflugsport" 6 times a year with specialist information and reports from the clubs and associations.

This periodical is published by the foundation under the direction of Markus Nussbaumer Modellflugsport has been producing and appearing regularly for more than 50 years in uninterrupted order.

The magazine "modellflugsport" is an ideal complement to the publication organ of the Aero Club of Switzerland with the Aero Revue. Both publication organs are read with interest in addition to the broad specialist public also in aviation-related circles.

The magazine "modellflugsport" is made by model pilots for model pilots and reports on the wide range of activities of its clubs, regional associations or individual projects.

The editorial team is made up of the regional editors of the seven regional model flight associations and ensures that publications are published in all national languages. The reports are written by model pilots based on their own experiences.

The "modellflugsport" magazine is printed in 4 colors throughout and can be obtained from as a non-member.

As a member of the Swiss Model Flight Association, you can access the latest edition of the magazine “modellflugsport“.

In 2002 the foundation "modell flugsport" was founded, which has been responsible for the publication of the magazine ever since.

More about the foundation can be found at: