Aero Club of Switzerland (AeCS)


The Aero Club of Switzerland (AeCS) is a national aviation association. As such, it is a strong representative of the interests of its members. It unites the aviation competence in all areas it is responsible for. The interests of light aviation and the air sports disciplines are in the foreground. It promotes and secures access to aviation and its development and takes the necessary measures to achieve this. He always acts in a factual, friendly, but determined manner and with healthy self-confidence.

The AeCS is a member of the FAI (Fédération Internationale Aéronautique), the world federation of air sports. It exercises national sporting authority over all air sports in Switzerland and is a member of the Swiss Olympic Association (SwissOlymic).


Elektrohel1_32010 Guiding Principles of the Aero Club of Switzerland AeCS

  1. We are committed to ensuring that the AeCS is and remains the most important, recognized and legitimized umbrella organization for general aviation (non-commercial general aviation/light aviation) and for the air sports disciplines in Switzerland.
  2. The focus is on the preservation and long-term safeguarding of education and training, the air sports disciplines, the necessary airspace and aviation infrastructure, and the environment. We also promote new developments in light aviation. Thus we represent the interests of our members.
  3. We place particular emphasis on the promotion of youth and young talent.
  4. An important concern is the promotion of air sports and the preservation of the national sports sovereignty in the field of popular and professional sports.
  5. We act as a competent, reliable and recognized partner both at home and abroad.
  6. With comprehensive information and targeted training, we actively prevent accidents and promote safety standards at a high level.
  7. Maintaining and further expanding our membership base is an important foundation for our legitimacy and financial basis. We increase and consolidate member loyalty with good services and special incentives.
  8. With targeted and professional communication internally and externally, we promote the credibility, acceptance, preservation as well as the further development of the AeCS and general aviation.
  9. By means of an efficient organization and professional work in terms of expertise, process thinking and business coordination, we want to achieve services with high quality. This applies to the permanent employees as well as to all voluntary activities.
  10. We want to be a fair and prudent, but demanding employer with responsible personnel management.