Portrait of the SMV in the environment with its partner associations

hangflugThe SMV shall be the competence center for all possible questions with comprehensive documentation for all concerns of model aviation and its members. But the association should also be a partner in the social network and in the political environment. The cooperation with other interest groups and representatives is as essential for the Swiss Model Aviation Association as the clear position and the self-confident representation of the claims of the members, the clubs and the regional associations according to the mission statement of the SMV.

Like personal flying, model flying occasionally encounters a lack of understanding and the resulting resistance.

To prevent resistance from arising in the first place, that is the goal of the comprehensive work, the lobbying of the SMV, to represent the interests of model pilots at all political and administrative levels. For this, the association is dependent on the active assistance of its affiliated regional associations and the model flying clubs.

Membership in the AeCS, the umbrella organization of Swiss light aviation, supports and facilitates this task and enables synergies. And the membership in the world air sports federation FAI and the CIAM underlines the international networking of the SMV and shows also the large span of the federation activity from the club to the international level.

The handy SMV flyer with all information at a glance can be found here.