Department for the promotion of young talent

The department for the promotion of young pilots is responsible for the recruitment and promotion of model pilots of all ages (especially for beginners).

The focus is on participation in selected national to local events and the provision of materials and programs for the promotion of young talent by the clubs themselves.

The department has been headed by Daniel Ziegenhagen since 2017.

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Core tasks

  • Provision of models and deployment concepts for construction activities as part of vacation campaigns, taster events, trade fairs, exhibitions and airshows
  • Development and implementation of actions to promote model building in schools
  • Development and provision of training materials around the theory of model flight
  • Support of young athletes together with the expert commissions of the sports department
  • Promoting the exchange of information and experience as well as the use of synergies between regional and local junior staff actions

Offers from the department for the promotion of young talent

  • Programm „Achievement badge" for the implementation directly in the clubs.
  • Aktion „Model making and school", together with the Free Flight Commission (F1).
  • Balsa glider with SMV/FSAM imprint for carrying out construction activities with children. Construction time: approx. 30-60 minutes. Handing out for building actions against a short report with picture free of charge. For handing out without building action on site CHF 3.00/piece. Order see communications department.
  • Depron gliders in five variants including deployment concept. These are intended for use in didactically supervised construction campaigns. Order via the department. Unit price CHF 2.00.


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