School & Model Flying

schule-modellflug Not only the Choice of the first model is of decisive importance for a promising career as a future model pilot, but also the right approach to learning model flying in a club affiliated to the SMV with a well-functioning junior concept.

Building and flying model airplanes allows exposure not only to interesting materials but also to a variety of interesting questions such as: What is balsa wood? Why is it so light? Why does a wing generate lift? What is upwind? Who flew properly for the first time and when?

When buying The first model and accessories be sure to seek advice from a designated model shop! The clubs in the region will be happy to provide addresses of specialist dealers. They also know the addresses of professionally run model flying schools or youth coaches in the respective clubs.

In any case, young people and adult beginners will find optimal support in a model flying club. The addresses in the vicinity and the model flying sites can be found quite easily in our Airfield search. As a rule, you first apply for admission as a guest member and then become a full member after one year.

The best thing is to spontaneously go by the model airfield, talk to the pilots present and explain the reason for the visit. Or call the president to establish a first binding contact and agree on the further procedure.

Here you can find the Documents for the construction course at the school with all the necessary documents.

These individuals will be happy to provide information about the organization, implementation and the necessary conditions.

With the documentation „Glider models for students“ the Swiss Model Aeronautics Association (SMV) has compiled some hints to make it easier for factory instructors to acquire and build model gliders. Please also note the invitation to attend a building instructor course.

As part of our local youth development program, we are also happy to advise interested teachers personally. Simply contact the addresses published here.

One thing is certain: building model airplanes greatly enriches instruction from middle school onward. The fact that children and young people look forward to it is proven by the success of building events such as those regularly organized by model airplane clubs.