Bylaws of the SMV

freiflug1The Swiss Model Aviation Association is an association in the sense of Art. 60 ff ZGB as well as its statutes. The SMV is the branch association of the Aero Club of Switzerland AeCS and is responsible on its behalf and delegation of sporting authority for the sport of model flying within the meaning of Clause 20 of the Statutes of the Aero Club of Switzerland.

The Swiss Model Aviation Association was founded in 1990 in its present legal form, but had already existed for fifty years as a part of the Model Aviation Commission in the Aero Club of Switzerland

On December 8, 1940, the AeCS Central President Walo Gerber, who was very deserving of model aviation in Switzerland, was able to inform the chairmen of 56 groups in Bern about the approval of the then Directorate Committee, today's Central Board, for the affiliation of model pilots to the Aero Club of Switzerland. This laid the foundation for a very gratifying development during the next decades. Everywhere, from Geneva to Lake Constance, from the Bernese Jura to Ticino, in the whole of Switzerland, new groups and clubs were founded in rapid succession and their chairmen and presidents were introduced to their new tasks together with the members in special vacation courses.