we.fly - model flying for the whole family

The idea is to share our model aviation sport with families and thus reach new young people through their fathers and mothers, grandparents and siblings, colleagues.

Cross-generational experiences can be shared in this way: Everyone can inspire and complement each other.

The Swiss model flight clubs are provided with documents and aids to introduce families with their interested young people to we.fly at targeted events (airfield festival, Fliegerplausch). Special events subsequently help to consolidate initial experiences in the long term and thus give a boost to the promotion of young talent.

Comprehensive support via the department of youth development

  • Advice in planning and implementation of events (e.g. Fliegerplausch)
  • Support during construction
  • Flight training at the dual control
  • Talks with parents
  • Contact with media: press, radio, television
  • .

The perfect team – model flight exhibition combined with a we.fly

Harnessing synergies !

The possibility of even being able to fly yourself at the exhibitions is THE advertising argument.
In addition to visual impressions, visitors return home with lasting experiences.                 


Expensive super-orchids may be marveled at, but only your own flying adventure reveals the full diversity of our sport.                                                                                                  

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