New president for the F3-Heli commission in Switzerland

For many many years Peter Oberli has been president of the Swiss F3-Heli commission. By the end of the year he will retire from this position - Rolf Mäder will be his successor.

Peter Oberli headed the Swiss F3-Heli commission for countless years. By the end of 2020 he will get retired. During all this time he used to organize and manage competitions at national as well as international level. He also took care of the Swiss national team pilots when traveling to European and World championships so they could fully concentrate to the competition.
As leader of the commission Peter managed to build a small but powerful team that created and ran the Swiss F3C scene at a very impressive level. The density of F3C-pilots is very high in Switzerland and all the medals won at continental and World championships over the past decades prove this.

It was a very great time with you, Peter, congratulations and many many thanks for all the work you've done! We wish you all the best for the future.

Peters succession as head of the commission will be Rolf Mäder. Rolf is 55 years old, holds a degree in information technology and flies model helicopters since 1987. He was the secretary of the heli commission since 2013 and he is glad that all other members of the commission will support the F3C scene in Switzerland furthermore. In addition, Peter Georgi will join the crew, he will be responsible for administrative and financial issues.

The show will go on - all F3C competition dates in Switzerland for 2021 are set and we all hope we can hold the events as scheduled.

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