Tjepkema Evert

Tjepkema Evert
Eeuwsel 1
NL 5388 DM  Nistelrode



  • Puri F4, IJMC (in Punktrichter F4 Scale)
  • I fly since the late 80s at that time was the Robbe charter very popular. That's why the Robbe charter was my first rc flying experience. After a few years I switched to helicopter flying. Wich I also liked very much. But after ± ten years I switched back to airplane and then became very active in judging during competitions and other events. Since 7 years I am a international judge at F4C competitions. IJMC Judge at Jet World Masters and Formations Cup. I've been also judging at the German, Swiss, Italian and Belgium championships. In my free time it makes me happy to build and fly my own scale planes.