Galley Roland

Galley Roland
Route des Cullayes 1
1083  Mézières VD

Mobiltelefon:  +41 79 210 52 56


  • Experte F3M (RMV AeRO) (in Fachkommission F3-Kunstflug)
  • F3A FAI, F3M FAI, F3P FAI, Punktichterchef RMV AéRO (in Punktrichter F3 Kunstflug)
  • Gestion des membres AéRo, délégué commission F3 AéRo, Aéromodélisme Romand (in Reg. Romand AéRO)
  • I am 63 years old, married with three grown children, also grandfather of two little girls of 2 & 6 years. I practice model airplanes since more 50 years, starting in primary school. Today, I still flies for pleasure, airplane, glider and helicopter, but I am better builder… My son Emilien is F3M / IMAC competitor pilot at European level and I frequently accompanies him in most contests. I also judge various competitions (FAI / IMAC) and I am active member of my club (GMR Gruyère). Professionally, I am now retired. Previously, I was in charge of an IT services company in the Lausanne area.